Art Classes for Adults

    Susan McKee is an artist and art teacher. She has previously taught art both to children and adults in New Zealand. She uses a variety of mediums and art forms, including oils, pastels, pencils, photography, clay and printmaking.

    Susan’s program titled ‘Drawing, Painting for the Terrified’, is aimed at adults (over 15 years) who have a desire to draw and paint but perhaps lack the technical skills or those that want some guidance with their work. Susan can demonstrate and teach the elements and techniques of drawing and painting allowing students to produce works they are proud of. The Collie Art Gallery and community involved were joyed to have both hosted and participated in a series of fruitful workshops.

    If you wish to organise a workshop or enquire regarding details, phone: 9734 2921

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    1. Sabrina Mitchell

      Can you please put my name down for this class. Sabrina Mitchell. Also possibly my daughter Francesca who is 15 next month. I will come into the gallery either Thursday or Friday.
      Thank you
      Sabrina Mitchell

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