Art therapy the start of a journey within

A series of art therapy workshops are being conducted at the Collie Art Gallery this month as part of the exclusive Act-Belong-Commit presents Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness exhibition.

The gallery’s Creative Director Joshua Thomason is joining with Holistic Therapist Natali Joscelyne to deliver a session that will help you to explore your inner world, thoughts and feelings through the creative process, which allows you to work through problems and difficult issues in an empowering way.

Creative expression has been found to improve health including physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, social integration and increasing the overall quality of life, meaning and insight of self in the world.

Where are you at in your life now?

What would you like to set as your intention moving forward?

Art Therapy – A Journey Within starts Saturday, 22 August 2015, 10am-1pm session for adults and 2-5pm for under 21s.

The Studio Gallery will be available on Sunday and Monday, 23-24 August, for you to continue your creative process.

Maximum 15 participants for each session.

To find out more, or to book now, contact the gallery on 9734 2921 or pop in Thursdays to Mondays, 11am-5pm.


Image credit: By THOR (Paint City) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons