Beginner Portrait Study

This workshop will cover how to start a portrait, mix fleshtones and achieve a likeness. It is not expected that anyone will complete a portrait in the session, but guidance will be given on different stages and how to proceed.

  1. Discuss portraits – proportions of the face and different processes.
  2. Draw face on canvas – check measurement
  3. Tonal underpainting
  4. Demonstrate Colour mixing for skin and how to proceed

Jill Ansell is a Western Australian figurative artist, who works across a range of subjects from surreal desert landscapes to portraits. She mostly works in acrylic, oils and found objects. Her assemblages carefully weaves portrait and object together to provide an intriguing glimpse into the intimate world of the subject.

Saturday 17 April 2021

10:15am (for 10:30am start) – 12:30pm


Collie Art Gallery 

For a list of materials or to book, please contact us at 9734 2921 or send an email to

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