CAP Finalists

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The CAP finalists were selected back in January and all the works are being installed in the Gallery. The big announcements will be made on Saturday, 29 February, 6-8pm. The finalists, sponsors and judges will have a chance to meet at a preview event to be held on Friday, 28 February. Here is a list of the finalists.

Moya Cole, Christopher Williamson, Tom Christophersen, Karin Morris, Michael Crowley, Deborah Hudson, Simon Weir, Layli Rakhsha, Rew Hanks, Ross Potter, Chris Antico, Laszlo Lukacs, Nigel Sense, Trevor Bly, Mikaela Castledine, Ross Halfacree, Cameron Richards, Karen Barnes, Elmari Steyn, Emily McGuire & Geoffrey Wake, Nick Heynsbergh, Louise Wells, Peter Allpress, Darloo, Guy Morgan, Olga Cironis, Lori Pensini, Ross Hucks, Jessica Holliday, Emi Ninoseki, Karima Baadilla, Baby Guerrilla, Elisha McGuckin, Nicole O’Loughlin, Gemma Mitting, Jessica Waters Gordon, Brian Robinson, Matthew McAlpine, Craig Handley, Carl Gopalkrishnan, Alan Morrison, Peteris Ciemitis, Ron Nyisztor, Nathan Brooker, Mary-Lynne Stratton

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