Collie Art Prize 2020 in Retrospect

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    Although COVID-19 made the Collie Art Prize 2020 shorter than we expected and the exhibition had to close early, it enjoyed three opening events, including the KID-entity that was the children’s section of this biennial exhibition. These events attracted a large crowd to the Gallery and the awarding ceremony was a success. Great appreciation goes to our sponsors who made the exhibition possible. Congratulations to all the finalists and those who were awarded and thanks to all who entered the CAP2020! We look forward to seeing you in CAP2022.

    Click on the link below to view a short video of the opening.”

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    1. Please add me to your mail list, I am a Perth based art curator and consultant. Thank you

      • Hello Sandra,
        You can easily subscribe to our website by entering your last name, first name and email address at the bottom of the page but I will add you to our list.
        Thank you for your interest.

    2. Colin Drummondlokk

      Looks like it was a good exhibition.I was going to enter but time frame did not work for me, maybe next time.

    3. Margery Goodall

      Great to see art supported in this region. Well done, Collie community.

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