Collie Art Prize 2023

Enter Collie Art Prize 2023 this October!
Did you know there are only 263 days until the Collie Art Prize 2023 starts?
Beginning on March 4, 2023, the eight-week CAP2023 is sure to be a hit with the creatives of Australia. Entries open Tuesday, October 11, and will close Friday, December 9. The Prize gives artists the chance to reflect on “Identity”.
CAP2023 has a prize pool of $67,500, including the much coveted first prize of $50,000 (sponsored by Collie & Districts Community Bank Branch, South32, Synergy and Coal Miners’ Welfare Board).
Other prizes include two $5000 prizes and a free exhibition in the future, sponsored by Rotary Club of Collie; the $5000 South32 best work by a Western Australian artist (plus a free exhibition); The $1500 Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast People’s Choice Award; and, the $1000 Pollie’s Packer Prize, sponsored by Jodie Hanns MLA and Dr Steve Thomas, MLC.
Access the Collie Art Gallery website to review the Terms and Conditions of entry.
Supported by the Australian Government’s Culture, Heritage and Arts Regional Tourism (CHART) program.
Click on the link below for the Terms and Conditions.

36 Responses

  1. What are the details of entry into the competition

  2. Can’t seem to find terms and conditions.

    • Hi Linda,
      If you go to our website and click on the CAP2023 image on the sliding banner, you will be directed to the information regarding the event, including the Terms and Conditions of entry.

    • Hello Leesa,
      Sorry for the confusion about the closing date. It is 9 December 2022.
      Please click on the post again to see the amended Terms and Conditions.
      Best of luck!
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  3. Your dates are giving me a headache. The T&C’s labelled “Collie Art Prize 2023” state an opening date of 11 October 22 and closing date of 9 December 2022. That sounds like they relate to the 2022 prize. Is that correct? Under the title “Eligible Artworks” in the 2023 T&C’s, it states “The Artwork must have been undertaken and completed by the artist in the 24 months immediately preceding the closing date for entries of 07 January 2023.” So, is the closing date 9/12/22 or 07/01/23? Then on the website it says, “Beginning on March 4, 2023, the eight-week CAP2023 is sure to be a hit with the creatives of Australia. Entries open Tuesday, October 11, and will close Friday, December 9.” Is that 2022 or 2023? Please advise b4 my head explodes.

    • Apologies for the 7 January closing date and thank you for picking that up. The Terms and Conditions are now amended to reflect the right closing date.
      Here are the dates.
      Entries open 11 October 2022
      Entries close 9 December 2022
      Accepted entries need to be delivered to Collie Art Gallery 20-27 February 2023 or to Artist’s Chronicle depot in Fremantle on 22 February 2023
      Vernissage attended by the finalists, judges and the media on 3 March 2023
      Public opening 4 March 2023
      We hope it clarifies the important dates and apologies again for the confusion.
      Good luck with your entry!
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  4. Are collage artists ( working in paper from other traditional works ) welcome to apply ? Thx

    • Hello Simon and thanks for your inquiry.
      Collage artists are welcome to enter so long as the depth of the work does not exceed the 100mm stated in the Terms and Conditions, the work can be hung on D-rings attached on the back of the work, and weight and dimension limits meet our requirements.
      Good luck with your entry.
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  5. Gordon Trembath

    Do you have an online entry form with provisions for attaching attaching hi res image of entry and payment of entry fee?

    • Hello Gordon,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes, the online application form will go live on 11 October, where you can upload images of your work(s) and pay the entry fee.
      The online entry form is not available before that date though, and will close on 9 December.
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  6. Hi, I have lived in WA for 3 years and am in the process of getting my permanent residency. I have my partnership visa. Am I able to enter in the CAP? Regards, Hazel

    • Hello Hazel,
      Thank you for your interest to enter the CAP2023.
      Unfortunately, your residency status does not permit you to enter this year’s competition. We hope you will be able to enter in two years’ time.
      All the best with your art practice.
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  7. Hi there, when do you notify finalists of selection? Thanks

    • Hello Alix,
      This is planned on or around 20 January 2023. They should then have enough time to organise a freighter to dispatch their work.
      All the best with your entry.
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  8. Hello, are there any rules surrounding what can and can’t be submitted within he artwork? for example I have many oil paintings I have done copying older paintings from 1800s or copying photographs of celebrities or photographs of animals, all done entirely on my own and not traced, but I used reference images. Is this allowed or is there a copyright issue here?
    Thank you

    • Good morning,
      As there is nothing against using a reference in the Terms and Conditions, you can enter your work.
      All the best with your entry.
      Collie Art Gallery Team

    • Caroline Telfer

      While there is nothing specifically in the rules of this competition preventing you from entering an artwork copied from photos of celebrities or animals, there are copyright issues if you have not obtained permission from the photographer. For photographs taken before 1955, or where the photographer has died more than 70 years ago that won’t apply, but be careful about more recent photos.
      If you need to know how this relates to your images look up the Copyright Agency.


    Hi the link with terms and conditions does not seem to work, can you please post again or email me a link?

  10. Can I enter a painting that I have previously entered in another competition? I can’t see anything in the Terms and Conditions that disallows this.

  11. Hi, I would like to clarify around “No digital media (inclusive of any form of digital media in the mixing, creation, or structures of an entry/artwork) or photography will be accepted”, would based off this criterion exclude a textile work that has been “printed”? Photography was used in the creation of the work, but it is very much a textile.

  12. Melissa Kenihan

    Hi, I’ve entered but seem to have a glitch with my mail. Can you confirm receipt of my entry please?

  13. Hi,

    Just wondering if the picture I upload needs to be including the frame that it will be in if selected. I’ve a finished piece but not sure the framing will be done by the date specified.

    Kind regards,


    • Hello,
      Your entry does not have to be framed at the time of entry, but please bear in mind that the dimensions of your framed work must be maximum 2m each way.
      All the best with your entry,
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  14. I’m a NZer living in Australia for the last 10 years, can I enter the CAP?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your interest to enter the CAP2023. Please have a look at the excerpt below from the Terms and Conditions.
      “The submitting Artist must be an Australian citizen or have been an Australian permanent resident as of 1 January 2022 and is aged 18 years or over.”
      You can enter if any of the above applies to you.

      All the best,
      Collie Art Gallery Team

  15. Ho folks
    In the above response, you said:
    “Accepted entries need to be delivered to Collie Art Gallery 20-27 February 2023 or to Artist’s Chronicle depot in Fremantle on 22 February 2023″ but the T&Cs say the following:
    Delivered to “Artist Chronicle”,130 South Street, BEACONSFIELD WA (Tel. 08 9336 1861) on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, between 2–4pm”
    Could you please confirm which Artist Chronicle delivery address is correct?

    • Hello Maureen,
      You can either choose to deliver your entry directly to the Collie Art Gallery between those two dates at the address below.
      134 Throssell Street, Collie WA 6225
      or let Artist’s Chronicle do it for you, in which case you need to drop off your work at their depot located at 130 South Street, Beaconsfield WA on 22 February 2023, between 2-4pm.
      We hope that clarifies.

      • Thanks for clarifying because your response to queries dated 9/9 gave a Fremantle address.
        Beaconsfield is close to work so I don’t have to take much time off to deliver this on the 22nd February

  16. I am extremely disappointed that you can’t even send an email to all the artist that put long hour and money to making a work to say you where not selected.
    I paid for professional photography. 4 mth making the work !
    We artist work so hard
    Wear our heart on our sleeve ,
    Shame on you !!

  17. hi,
    I read in the 2022 entry form that the CAP is a biennial event, I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to confirm that I should mark my calendar to enter the next CAP in October 2024.

    • Hello Ken,
      Thank you for your query.
      The next Collie Art Prize Biennial will be held in 2025. The announcements will be made in 2024 though. Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram or keep an eye on our website.
      Best wishes,
      Collie Art Gallery Team

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