Terms and Conditions

Printable version available here

These terms and conditions form the agreement between the artist and the Collie Gallery Group Inc. that governs the entry of the Collie Art Prize (CAP).

Throughout this article CAP will refer both to the actual Collie Art Prize competition and the Gallery representatives, as the context dictates.

By submitting a completed entry form the artist agrees to these terms, conditions, and assures that all information provided by the artist in the entry form and during the prize is true and correct. Once the Artist has completed and submitted the entry form and such form has been received by CAP, it will be considered to be a Legal Document. It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure the entry adheres to all local, State, Federal and Indigenous laws.

CAP may amend these terms and conditions and the entry form at any time, subject to giving notice to the artist. Notice of the amendment may be given in writing or verbally notified.

The artist’s continued involvement with the CAP will be taken as their acceptance of any changes to these terms and conditions.

CAP has absolute discretion in deciding whether an artist or an artwork has satisfied the terms and conditions for entry into the CAP.

CAP reserves the right to revoke the award of any prize money (and any associated privileges) to a finalist, and may grant it to another finalist, if the finalist declares false information in the entry form or during the prize or fails to comply with their obligations under these terms and conditions.

CAP or the Judges may, at their discretion, not award any Prize Money. The decisions of CAP and the Judges are final, and no challenges will be permitted.



  1. Collie Art Prize

$50,000 (excluding GST) – Acquisitive monetary prize.

  1. Rotary Club of Collie Prize I: sponsored by the Rotary Club of Collie

$5000 (including GST) monetary non-acquisitive prize and a complimentary exhibition to the value of $1250 at the Collie Art Gallery.

  1. Rotary Club of Collie Prize II: sponsored by the Rotary Club of Collie

$5000 (including GST) monetary non-acquisitive prize and a complimentary exhibition to the value of $1250 at the Collie Art Gallery.

  1. Best artwork by a West Australian artist: sponsored by South 32

$5000 (including GST) non-acquisitive monetary prize and a complimentary exhibition to the value of $1250 at the Collie Art Gallery.

  1. Peoples’ Choice Award: sponsored by Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast

$1,500 (including GST) non-acquisitive monetary prize.

  1. Pollie Packers’ Prize $1,000 – non-acquisitive monetary prize sponsored by Jodie Hanns MLA and Hon Dr. Steve Thomas MLC.


All prize money will be paid to the artist within 4 (four) weeks from the conclusion of the exhibition.

Complimentary exhibitions which are to be held at the Collie Art Gallery are to be arranged with the gallery Coordinator and should be booked in by arrangement with the Collie Art Gallery Co-ordinator.  Should an award winner choose not to accept this opportunity then the Collie Gallery Group Inc. will revoke that section of the relevant Prizes. The complimentary exhibition will extend for five weeks and will include standard exhibition arrangements. It does not include the cost of catering for the Opening Night.



The submitting Artist must be an Australian citizen or have been an Australian permanent resident as of 1 January 2022 and is aged 18 years or over.

Immediate families of the Prize Judges are not eligible to enter the CAP.

Each Artist must submit an Artist Profile (no more than sixty words) along with the online entry form(s)

Artists may enter a maximum of two artworks in the CAP. Separate online entry forms and Entry fee are required for each artwork.

The Artist must assure that the artwork is original and does not infringe the copyright, moral rights, or other rights of any third party.

Interstate Artists are to observe any WA quarantine restrictions regarding the media used.



The biennial Collie Art Prize (CAP) has an ongoing theme of IDENTITY.

Interpretation of this theme and how it applies to the Artwork is at the discretion of the Artist.

An Artwork Description (one for each entry) of between 60 to 100 words informing how the IDENTITY theme is incorporated into the Artwork must be submitted with the Entry form and the Entry/Administration fee.

CAP or their representatives have sole discretion as to whether the justification of IDENTITY is sufficient to allow the Artwork to be eligible for consideration for the CAP.


The Artwork must have been undertaken and completed by the artist in the 24 months immediately preceding the closing date for entries of 09 December 2022.

Only 2D Artworks will be accepted. Artworks may be executed in (but not restricted to) oil, acrylic, watercolour, textiles, pastels, charcoal, ink, and mixed media. No sculptures, digital media (inclusive of any form of digital media in the mixing, creation, or structures of an entry/artwork) or photography will be accepted.

If the Artwork is a print or linocut:

  1. it must not be part of an ‘open edition’ print run; and
  2. the Artist must provide the Gallery with details around how many prints are included in the edition.
  3. The Cap will only accept number one (1) or the artist’s proof in a limited series of prints.

The Artist must provide details of the medium used in the Artwork on the Entry form. If there is any uncertainty as to the medium used, the artist must contact the Collie Art Gallery for clarification.

Neither the overall height nor overall width of the entire Artwork is to exceed 2 metres. The depth is not to exceed 100mm. All size limits include the frame if applicable (a stretched canvas is considered a suitable frame). The overall weight is not to exceed 25kg.

Multi-part artworks must be limited to a maximum of three individual pieces (diptych or triptych) unless they are mounted on a single board or other material which requires only two hanging points.

No entries will be accepted which will require gallery staff to assemble or otherwise construct any art works. Artists must otherwise arrange with Collie Art Gallery staff to have their representative come to the Gallery to assemble the works.

Collie Art Gallery reserves the right to reject an entry on the grounds that material, subject matter, presentation, or method of production is considered unsuitable for the purpose of the Collie Art Prize.



For each artwork entered, the artist must submit a separate entry form, which must be accompanied by the separate entry/administration fee of $44 (incl. GST). Entry/Administration fees are non-refundable.

Payment of the Entry/Administration Fee/s must be made via the website using the Artist’s name and the title of the Artwork being submitted.



Entries open on 11 October 2022 and must be submitted by 5pm (WST), 9 December 2022.

All entries are to be made online via the Collie Art Gallery website and each must include the following:

  1. A completed entry form for the artwork submitted (maximum of two per artist)
  2. An Artist Profile (no more than 60 words)
  3. An Artwork Description of the entry (between 60 to 100 words) regarding the theme “IDENTITY” and how it relates to the artwork.
  4. Payment of the $44 entry/administration fee
  5. One high resolution (maximum 5 Mb) image of the Artwork in digital format (file extension of .jpg or .jpeg). NOTE: other file formats will not be accepted.
  6. The image must be a true and accurate representation of the completed Artwork entered as it is intended to be displayed.
  7. Each image must have a filename in the following format: ”surname first name artwork title” e.g. “smith david portrait of me“.
  8. Filenames of images may be no more than 100 characters in length

No late entry will be processed, and artworks associated with incomplete entries will not be eligible for the CAP or given consideration of entry. No correspondence will be entered into by the Collie Art Gallery regarding late, incomplete, or otherwise ineligible entries.



An independent preselection panel will review the artwork images and select the finalists for the exhibition and final judging at the Collie Art Gallery based on images supplied.

CAP reserves the right to revoke an offer to an artist to be a finalist if the artwork differs in any material way from the artwork image submitted by the artist.

The preselection panel will consist of three independent judges who shall be selected at CAP’s sole discretion.

The panels’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.



The successful exhibiting artists (finalists) will be notified by Friday 20 January 2023, to allow sufficient time for delivery of the artworks to the Collie Art Gallery or the Artist’s Chronicle (see further for dates and times of delivery).

The panels’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

After preselection, the finalists’ Artworks will be hung in the Collie Art Gallery from Saturday 04 March 2023 (opening night), until Sunday, 30 April 2023.



The Artwork must be:

  1. Suitably framed for handling. A stretched canvas is considered a suitable frame.
  2. Clearly marked on the back with the Artist’s name, address, and the title of the Artwork.
  3. Accompanied by a photograph of the assembled artwork and clear instructions for its installation if it is a multi-panelled artwork (diptych or triptych).
  4. NOT wet when submitted.
  5. Fitted with suitable D Rings on the back at 100mm from top of artwork for ease of hanging.
  6. NOT have hooks or wires as they can damage other artworks (the gallery has its’ own hanging system for the D Rings)
  7. The artwork must be packed to withstand travel and have “Collie Art Prize 2020”, the Artist’s name and address, title of the artwork attached to the packaging material to enable the Collie Art Gallery to re-pack the artwork at the conclusion of the exhibition.
  8. The Gallery will prepare a Condition Report for each work upon receipt. If any defects are found, the artist will be notified prior to hanging.



Finalist Artwork must be delivered as follows:

  1. Delivered to “Artist Chronicle”,130 South Street, BEACONSFIELD WA (Tel. 08 9336 1861) on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, between 2–4pm, or
  2. Delivered to the Collie Art Gallery, 134 Throssell Street, COLLIE WA (Tel. 08 9734 2921) between 10am to 4pm from Monday 20 February 2023 to Monday, 27 February 2023 (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the Collie Art Gallery is closed).

These are the ONLY options available for the delivery of artworks.

All artwork received from The Artist’s Chronicle or courier must be wrapped in bubble-wrap and cardboard (full boxes only) and ensure packaging is labelled.

If Artwork is to be delivered by courier, the above delivery times must be adhered to and must be free of all delivery charges. It is the Artist’s responsibility to ensure and check artwork is received and collected.

CAP will arrange, and cover the cost of, transport of Artworks between the Gallery and Artist’s Chronicle.



Three independent judges will judge the hung artworks and select prize winners, except for the People’s Choice prize and the Packers’ Prize.

The judges’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.



Artworks will be hung at the sole discretion of the Collie Art Gallery and the CAP, and no discussion will be entered into with the finalists.



The winners will be announced at the CAP 2022 Exhibition Opening on Saturday, 04 March 2023.

The Peoples’ Choice prize is selected by members of the public visiting the CAP exhibition. The winner will be announced by Monday 1 May 2023.



All Artworks must be for sale.

The price specified by the Artist must include 33% commission (30% commission to Collie Art Gallery + GST = 33%).

The Collie Art Gallery will sell the Artwork at the price specified on the Entry Form. The Gallery is not responsible for miscalculations by the Artist and/or their Agent.

The Gallery will not discount the Artwork or be liable for agent’s fees and/or agent commissions on sales.

Sets of multiples entered as one artwork will not be sold as separate pieces.

Artists will be informed of sales at the completion of the sale transactions.

Collie Art Gallery staff and/or volunteers will conduct all sale transactions and be responsible for payments to Artists.

Payment for sold artwork will be processed and transferred to the artist’s chosen bank account as nominated on the entry form within four weeks of the exhibition conclusion.



All unsold Artworks must be collected on conclusion of the exhibition.

On conclusion of the exhibition the Collie Art Gallery will re-pack the unsold Artworks for collection in the original packing.

Artwork is to be collected from the Collie Art Gallery upon arrangement with the gallery Coordinator, or from The Artist’s Chronicle on Wednesday, 3 May 2023, between 2 – 4pm. These are the ONLY options available for the return of artworks.

Artists sending a Courier to either point must have their artwork picked up at the specified times.

No responsibility will be taken for artworks damaged while in transit to or from the Collie Art Gallery.

The Collie Art Gallery is not responsible for any artwork not collected on the date nominated.

At the close of the exhibition, if a finalist fails to remove an artwork from the Gallery within six weeks of the exhibition’s conclusion, at which time the artwork shall be forfeited and become the property of the Collie Gallery Group Inc. giving it the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the artwork.



The Artist retains the intellectual property of the Artwork and warrants that the Artwork is the Artist’s original works and do not (to the best of the Artist’s knowledge) infringe the copyright or moral rights of any third party.

The Finalists and Winners grant CAP and the Collie Art Gallery a non-exclusive copyright licence to use an image of the Artwork for the non-commercial purposes of:

  • Promoting, marketing, broadcasting, advertising or otherwise publicising any aspect of the CAP or Collie Art Gallery.
  • Any display or art exhibitions containing Artworks entered in the CAP.
  • The production of electronic or print media, such as, but not limited to, exhibition catalogues featuring images of Artworks entered in the CAP.

This licence will be for a duration of 5 years following the conclusion of the exhibition for all Finalists and Winners, except for the Collie Art Prize winner, which will be for a duration of 10 years.

The Collie Art Gallery will display a notice identifying the Artist in a reasonably prominent position near the installed Artwork and ensure that a notice appears alongside any reproductions of the Artwork. The Collie Art Gallery shall not alter or do anything that would compromise the integrity of the artwork or reproductions of the artwork including not making any changes to the artwork or reproductions of it, without the Artist’s prior written consent.



The Artist is responsible for any loss or damage to the Artwork when it is in their possession. The Artist is responsible for taking out transit insurance, should they wish to do so.