The winner of the inaugural Collie Art Prize was announced at the Official Opening on Friday, 2 March 2018.

The acquisitive first prize of $50,000 cash has been made possible thanks to the generous commitment of Collie & Districts Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank.

The two non-acquisitive prizes of $5000 cash and a complimentary exhibition at the Collie Art Gallery were also awarded at the Official Opening thanks to the Rotary Club of Collie.

A non-acquisitive People’s Choice prize of $1000 cash presented by local accommodation provider Whispering Pines will be awarded at the conclusion of the exhibition.

The exhibition is on show 10am-4pm until 15 April 2018. Entry fees apply. 


Collie Art Prize winners

Congratulations to the winner of the inaugural $50,000 Collie Art prize

Brian Robinson

By Virtue of This Act I Hereby Take Possession of This Land

Medium: Linocut

Size: 72.3 x 45 cm

Price: $3,600

This defining moment in Australia’s history and identity in addressed in this print that illustrates the discovery of the Islands and the continent by Captain James Cook.

To add a contemporary element to the work and reinforce the concept of invasion I have included imagery of space invaders.


Collie Art Prize winners

Rotary Prize I

Alastair Taylor

Synchronymity (96 Alistair Taylors)

Medium: Acrylic on aluminium and board

Size: 79 x 120 cm

Price: $5,200

In the course of a not uncommon discombobulation with the dreaded Facebook, I managed to lose my page and, in the ensuing search, discovered an alarming number of Alastair Taylors all over the world.

It was a sobering moment, to discover that my name had been shared around so profligately, and made me realise what a small speck on the planet I am; so far from unique, even among blokes with my exact name and even spelling.

I decided to paint all the ones I could find, and I’m sure there are many more.

Collie Art Prize winners

Rotary Prize II

Sarah Smith

Cotton Candy

Medium: Charcoal, Watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, wax pencil and coloured pencil

Size: 110.6 x 124.4 cm

Price: $5,900

The sweet, alluring prettiness of cotton candy for the masses with an aura of self-image obsession.

A carefully constructed identity fixated on looking good and counting likes.

Fading reality and authentic expression by the intoxication of social media, possessions and money.

The emptiness of expectation, the pressure of perfection, the confusion of fact and fantasy and the end of conversation.

Individual identity hushed in a haze of fluffy stuff.





Vivian Falk – Why

Jamie Preisz – Today, Now, Everyday (Red Lenses)

Claire Primrose – Before and After

Riste Andrievski – A Portrait of an Industrial Migrant Landscape

Loribelle Spirovski – Study for Ali

Miriam Innes – Reclaimed: Journey Back to Nature

Kate Just – Feminist Fan: Selection

Matthew Clarke – Selfie

Bridgette McNab – Self Portrait with Cosmos

Brian Robinson – By Virtue of this Act I Hereby Take Possession of This Land

Christine Lawrence – Mongers Lake

Sally Wilson – Arcadian Home

Erika Gofton – Sincere Lie

Norah Murphy – Untitled

Penny Coss – Of Their Own Accord

Catherine Gartner – Banjo – The Old Sheep Shearer

Monique Tippett – Nature of Being

Carl Gopalkrishnan – Bombshells 1 to 3

Jordan Richardson – Self Portrait as Fool

Lori Pensini – Mary (Wartum-No tu man)

Wanda Comrie – Collective Propagation

James Tinsley – Paradise Lost

Benjamin Mitchell – A Girl Reading

Anne McCaughey – Battling On

Nigel Hewitt – Arcadia

Tanya Jaceglav – Underground

Donna Heart – It’s So Beautiful from 35,000 Feet

Kirsten Sivyer – First Came the Sun

Tony Belobrajdic – By the Table

Alun Rhys Jones – The Wrestler

Suzanna Castleden – 5.31am On This Side of the World.

Elisa Markes-Young – The Original Place 1/2018

Sarah Smith – Cotton Candy

Andy Quilty – Casuarina

Alastair Taylor – Synchronymity (96 Alastair Taylors)

Olga Cironis – Calling

Daevid Anderson – Sheila

Nicole Slatter – Birthday

Patricia Kelly – A Fragile Journey

Daniella Panizza – Beyond the Farm Gates of My Heritage

Mel Dare – The Stories I Tell Myself 

Wade Taylor – Palmeston

Elmari Steyn – Umbra: S33o 38.347’/E115o 01.567’

Cathy van Ee – Hold Onto Your Dreams

Collie Art Prize winners