Collie’s first local artist’s exhibition opens this week

Former school teacher, local business owner and artist George Dorozenko is set to unveil an exciting new collection of digitally enhanced photography prints entitled Ink ‘n’ Blink at the new Collie Art Gallery this Friday evening.

Dorozenko’s work uses vibrant colours to pay homage to everyday objects and scenes many take for granted. His latest works toy with the construction and deconstruction of the natural and man-made environment to reveal narratives with a dramatic, symbolic or amusing counterpoint that aims to evoke an emotional response.

He invites the viewer to share in this world observed through the frame of his lens, and to rediscover the pleasure of seeing it in a new light.

“I am curious about life and how we relate to it, how we define it, and how we then engage with it,” said Mr Dorozenko.

“Photography allows me to integrate my experiences instantly and present them in a pictorial form that can continue to resonate with me long after the moment has gone. I hope the viewer derives as much pleasure from the images as I derived in the process of creating them,” he said.

“It is very exciting to be able to host an exhibition by a local artist,” said Collie Art Gallery Chairperson Elizabeth Lindsay. “George’s work is of a high standard and I hope that lots of people will come in to see them.”

“This is also the first exhibition where all of the works are available for sale,” said Ms Lindsay.

Ink ‘n’ Blink is on show at the Collie Art Gallery on Throssell Street until 12 July 2015. The gallery is open 11am to 5pm, Thursdays to Mondays. For more information, contact the gallery on 9734 2921.