Trudi Curran



Trudi has been involved in art education, both at secondary and tertiary institutions for a number of decades. She has been involved with the Collie Art Gallery since its initial inception and planning and is delighted to see the benefits that the art and wider community have gained since its development. The rapid rise of the reputation of the Collie Art Gallery to become a premier rural arts hub within the Australian arts scene has bought a great sense of pride for Trudi.

Dianne Clark

Dianne is an award-winning artist who has held several successful solo and joint exhibitions over the years, and has conducted many art workshops during this time.  She is a willing volunteer at the Collie Art Gallery and has been involved with numerous arts organisations.  She knows what is needed to manage a successful art gallery having owned her own gallery in the past.

Debra Mangini


Debra spent most of her childhood in Margaret River before studying at Murdoch University then working in the eastern states, later retiring to Collie.  Although she had a science and maths background she was always interested in crafts.  Joining a number of community groups introduced her to a wide range of artists/crafts people in Collie, and this expanded to include becoming a member of the Collie Gallery Group. 

Robert Turner

Bob Turner is a local metal artist living in the Collie area and travels throughout the State exhibiting his creations, being a Committee member at the Collie Art Gallery and has a keen interest in the Arts and promoting the many exhibitions that are held there.

Payam Parishanzadeh


With a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Payam worked for the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art between 2000-2012. He worked for the International Department of the Museum and was involved in organising exhibitions overseas among other things. 

Don Clark

Deputy Chairperson

Don has been involved in community organisations wherever he has lived, and is an enthusiastic and committed volunteer at the Collie Art Gallery.  With good organisational ability Don manages to get things happening, recent successes being the Collie Art Prize 2018, obtaining grants for solar panel installation on the roof as well as database software installation and training, and conservation works on much of our art collection.

Emma Headley

Finance Officer

Emma was born in Collie and lived there most of her life. She has been a member and a volunteer of the Art Gallery since 2014. Throughout her work, she has held administrative and accounting roles.
Emma has a strong interest in the Arts and has completed a Diploma in Visual Arts. Her current involvement within the visual arts field is as a hobbyist artist, having participated in various joint exhibitions throughout the south west.

Diana Symes

Diana is a Textile and Mixed Medium Artist.

Her passion is to work with natural materials and fibres, man-made fabrics, as well as interesting objects.

Her work has found homes in the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and here in Australia.

Over the past 20 years she has been involved with the organising of a number of exhibitions in Queensland and New Zealand, taking a leadership role.

Diana has also won a number of shop and window display competitions. She came to the Collie Art Gallery in recent years and has been an active member of the Committee and a reliable volunteer.



Cynthia Dix

Cynthia Dix has been involved with the gallery since it opened in 2015 often dealing with the media and assisting with promotions for the gallery.  She is a practising artist whose work is regularly displayed in the gallery.  She coordinated the Preston Valley Artisan Trail for the past four years and after recently moving to Collie acted as assistant coordinator in Collie’s Festiv Arty in 2021.

Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson Jim is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. He came to Collie in 1989 as Management Accountant at Muja power station until his retirement in 2014. He has been a member and volunteer at Collie Art Gallery since its opening. He joined the committee in 2019.