Composition – Advanced Colour Disciplines

    Join us for a two-day workshop by Gillian Peebles. Gillian will discuss composition and advanced colour disciplines during her workshop as outlined below.

    SATURDAY:  ‘Advanced Fine Art Composition’

    Composition is a major element of any artwork. It gives the artist strengths in their individual placement and expression. Collectively, just knowing the basics of ‘Advanced’ composition provides skills and ‘tools of construction’ to advance their work. It contains the skills of ‘controlled viewing’ and ‘audience communication’. Advanced composition answers why one artwork can be more popular than another or what it is that judges look for in competitive exhibition? In both cases ‘good or bad Composition’ can make a big difference to the end result.

    SUNDAY: ‘ Advanced Colour Disciplines’

    Generally, at some stage in an artist life they will explore ‘colour’ at a deeper level than just looking for a match to what they see, They may learn the ‘Colour Wheel’ and pick up pleasing combinations in which to work but do they know how to use the Colour Wheel? This workshop helps the artist create their recognisable ‘Working Palettes’. It  aims to seduce its participants into  realistic and/or alternative colour disciplines to present a more professional result while exploring new horizons and combination possibilities.

    13-14 April 2019

    9 am-3 pm


    Call us on 9734 2921 or visit the gallery for more information on the workshop and what you need to bring.

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