Drawing as Meditation, a Workshop by Sue Kalab

It becomes a meditation in itself to discover at close range a humble leaf or a sea shell that we pass by on a bush walk or a wander along the beach.

Learn some fundamentals of drawing and a little about the natural world around us as you study in pencil a small piece of nature under guidance.


–  Drawing pencils – why 2B?  Other grades of

   drawing pencils.

–  Tonal values – many tonal values can be found

    using a 2B pencil

–  Perspective – proportion – foreshortening

–  Changing viewpoints – vanishing viewpoints

–  Positive and negative shapes

–  Making different marks on paper

–  How to keep your work clean as you go


Pencil eraser, sharpener or blade sharpener,

2 x 2B pencils and other grades of drawing pencils can be explored, or sepia or sanguine Conte pencils or crayons

Cartridge paper Minimum A3 size or off-white, fawn, moss green or other low-key.  paper types e.g. Canson Mi Teintes range.  (A4 or A3 size)

Similar size support board

WHEN: Saturday, 18 August, 10am – 3pm

COST: $30.00

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