Get in quick for Judy Rogers’ portraiture workshops

Judy Rogers - Fascinating Faces

Judy Rogers is excited to be sharing her secrets in two workshops being held during the next exhibition, Out of the Suitcase.

Participants will get up close and personal with a mirror to learn the principles and techniques of life-like portrait drawing in two three-hour workshops, one aimed at beginners and one for more advanced artists.

By drawing your own physical features, you will be guided through the process of portraying your character, temperament and mood with accuracy and feeling. This will help you in the future to capture your model’s likeness and character.

Composition, perspective, proportions and the effects of light and dark will be explored, with an emphasis on an in-depth investigation of the underlying structure of the head, facial features and hair.

Judy has many years experience in her visual arts practice, as a curator in the blend(er) gallery and as a TAFE lecturer.

Basic workshop: 2-5pm, Saturday, 23 July 2016

Advanced workshop: 2-5pm, Saturday, 3 September 2016

$45 per person, per session ($40 for Friends of the Gallery)

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