Art meets science in Immerse, a new exhibition from MIX Artists. 

Art meets science in Immerse, a new exhibition from MIX Artists. 

May 6 – June 11, 2023, Collie Art Gallery

Inspired by marine science, twenty contemporary artists present fascinating new work in a range of media.  Engaging with scientists through the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI), the artists have dived into the research and have re-surfaced with imaginative takes on pressing issues facing the marine environment and the challenges ahead for marine scientists.

MIX Artists is a group of contemporary artists from the Great Southern, which presents high quality thought-provoking exhibitions.  Fresh from a very successful presentation at the Albany Town Hall, MIX Artists are pleased to be touring Immerse to the Collie Art Gallery from 6 May to 11 June, 2023.

The Immerse exhibitors are Susan Angwin, Kerrie Argent, Christine Baker, Lynley Campbell, Ann Copeman, Jenny Crisp, Annette Davis, Kevin Draper, Phoebe Duff, Anne Grotian, Catherine Higham, Robyn Lees, Barbara Madden, Jill O’Meehan, Terri Pikora, Nat Rad, Lizzie Riley, Renee Tan, Margaret Sanders, and Jo Wassell.

During 2022, MIX Artists learnt from marine scientists through talks and presentations, engagement with UWA marine science students during their field trip to Albany and ongoing self-directed research by individual artists, assisted by WAMSI who has put artists in touch with marine scientists who are working in the artists’ areas of interest.  This has provided artists with the opportunity to drill into a subject and learn from scientists who are passionate about the marine ecosystem.

From the marine scientists’ point of view, they are keen to see how artists convey scientific information, and hope that their research and findings reaches a new audience.

The artists have, naturally, brought their imagination and creativity to the process.

Some of the marine environment topics that have inspired the artworks include the threats of plastic pollution and rising sea levels. Some artists have been inspired by seagrass, and its important role in the marine ecosystem. Others are focussed on the role of marine scientists whose research and data underpin important marine projects. The finely balanced coastal environment, and the impact of structural change, has also sparked some artworks in the exhibition.

Within the exhibition there is a free catalogue, an activity sheet and a video on an iPad documenting the collaboration with marine scientists, artists’ research and artwork development.  The inspiration and research of each artist is accessible via a QR code for each artwork.

Several of the exhibitors will talk about their ideas, research and inspiration for Immerse at the exhibition opening on Saturday May 6 at 2pm.

Immerse has been supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Southern Ports Authority, the WA Marine Science Institution, and the Albany Town Hall.

For more information please contact Annette Davis on 0428 922 968,

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