From little things, big things grow

Join award-winning, experienced artist and teacher Richard Fry for weekly classes and get your creative juices flowing.

Richard will be leading three sessions each week, targeted towards primary-school aged children, secondary students and adults from beginners to advanced.

Primary students will work with Richard to create drawings from recycled materials that appear so full of life that they will need to be glued, stuck or nailed down to stop them running away.

Secondary students (and advanced primary students) will begin to build their own private world in a box. Everybody needs their own space – a visual diary, so they know how big they are inside.

Adults will begin with their own ideas, scratchy little drawings or half-remembered dreams, and be guided through a creative process towards building small-scale sculptures or maquettes.

All exercises are introductory processes that can last a few days, or they could keep you busy for the rest of your life. Classes are a place to get to know each other and develop skills, a beginning point to help you work out what the next steps could be.

The processes don’t require years of experience or tons of talent and all materials are supplied.

Art is not brain surgery or rocket science, even though it requires some of the same skills. It’s not really dangerous – you can’t go wrong!

Classes run each Thursday, starting at 3.30pm for primary students, 4.30pm for secondary students and 6pm for adults. The first classes are being held 23 April 2015.

Class sizes are capped at 12 people and bookings are essential.

Book now:

Adults: Kitchen table sculpture

Secondary students: A space to call your own

Primary students: Big fat drawings