North American Art in Focus

This course serves to carry on from our initial look at North American art movements. As we look at the mid-20th Century we see New York becoming the art centre of the world. We see American movements dominating the art world with  other countries following its lead.

Themes covered will include:

  • Abstract Expressionism, Colour field painting and Hard Edge
  • Neo Dada, Pop Art and Photorealism
  • Minimalism and Post minimalism
  • Earth Art, Environmental Art and Post Modernism – Current artists

When: Wednesday evenings, 6.00pm – 8.30 pm

Starts Feb 7th 2024 -March 27th , April 17th – June 5th   

Duration: 16 weeks

Costs: $200 (members) $210 (non-members)

What to bring: Sketch book, drawing and designing materials, miscellaneous materials as required throughout course. We can provide printmaking opportunities, ceramic firing facilities if needed and opportunities to paint and draw.

Who can join the class?  Anyone! No experience necessary. Tuition is available to assist with technique and skill development if needed.

Enrol at the Collie Art Gallery!

Presenter: Trudi Curran

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