People’s Choice Award Winner

Congratulations to MICHAEL CROWLEY on winning the Collie Art Prize people’s choice award. Here’s what Michael says about his stunning portrait ‘I am James’.

“James has markings all over his face and arms.
Why? I stare.
I pluck up courage and ask.
I was born in South Sudan at the head waters
of the Nile, a Nuer tribesman, my family raised
At 14 I was initiated into manhood the markings
were cut and left to scar.
A 50+ year civil war about oil with tribe pitted
against tribe has left over 3 million people dead
but little World concern.
The markings made James a target then a refugee
and now a proud Australian citizen. He reflects
with sadness about a family he left behind.”

Special thanks to the Whispering Pines B&B for providing the prize money. Sadly the Gallery doors are closed until the current crisis passes. But we’re still working behind our own doors to keep everyone connected. 

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