Festiv Arty

Official opening Friday, 9 September 2022 6-8 pm On show Until 9 October 2022 Gallery hours 10am – 4pm Thursday – Monday The annual local festival, Festiv Arty, provides an opportunity for locals to showcase their talent. Collie artists and … Continued

Seven Forms

Official openingSaturday, 23 July 20222-4 pmOn showUntil 4 September 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday Seven artists observe layers of meaning attached to sites and artifacts encountered in the Collie region. They notice the mapping and movement of land, water … Continued

Argh! What A Mess!

Official openingSaturday, 23 April 20222-4 pmOn showUntil 29 May 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday Official openingSaturday, 23 April 20222-4 pmOn showUntil 29 May 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday

A Glimpse of Blackwood River Valley Art

Official openingSaturday, 4 June 20222-4 pmOn showUntil 17 July 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday ‘A Glimpse of Blackwood River Valley Art’ is an exhibition featuring artists from the April 2022 Blackwood River Art Trail (BRAT), showing for six weeks … Continued

Down the Rabbit Hole Again

Official openingSaturday, 29 January 20222-4 pmOn showUntil 27 February 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday This exhibition of drawing and printmaking by artist and printmaker, Shana James, is bursting with colour, surprise and wonder. Shana is fascinated by stories, dreams … Continued

Legacy – What do we hope to leave behind?

Official openingFriday, 10 December 20216-8 pmOn showUntil 23 January 2022Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday The Legacy exhibition is a collaboration between 10 artists from the Great Southern region and Northwest USA.After the summer of bushfires in 2019-2020, Denmark artist … Continued

Cash and Carry

Official openingSaturday, 19 September 20202-4 pmOn showUntil 25 October 2020Gallery hours10am – 4pmThursday – Monday An exhibition open to established and emerging artists across WA, including a wide range of styles and mediums. The entries will close by 4 September. … Continued

Denise Gillies

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The thing that all of my work has in common is the possibility of the unexpected Denise Gillies Denise Gillies is an artist and gallery owner living and working in the Ferguson Valley, near Collie, Western Australia.Printmaking has become her … Continued