Big Sky Country


Opening night

Friday, 17 November 2017


On show

Until 17 December 2017

Gallery hours

10am – 4pm

Thursday – Monday


Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country is a collection of works created by Di Taylor in the natural bush of the northern wheat belt area and southern coast of WA.

Inspired by many trips to Carnamah, Margaret River and Albany, working on location using the space to create the freedom that only comes with a big sky, Di was immersed into the amazing diversity of this flat expanse of land with horizons that stretch on forever, butting up against the amazing ever-changing colours of our Australian sky.

Being time poor and focused on community events, Di treasured the few rare occasions that were hers, to be alone in the bush, lying on the red earth feeling its heat, looking up into that intense deep blue that drags you up into it as if you are floating. With all its immense complexities and hues, moods and sparkling awakenings, it performs an endless video that never ends. That space that freedom is what I crave in the

With all its immense complexities and hues, moods and sparkling awakenings, it performs an endless scene that never ends. That space, that freedom, is what Di craves in the city, until at last she’s in the bush and can breathe again.

After carrying the big canvases and crates of paints, through the prickly scrub, Di wanted to achieve instant immersion into the landscape, and find a space of flat ground where she could lie and look up into the sky watching as the rabbits, horses and emus drift by in all their fluffy white.

She would quickly note on the canvas, scribbling in charcoal and ochre whatever was in reach, framed by rough wiry trees, stretching their gnarly fingers up trying to grab at the blue as it goes by.

The interaction between land and sky is what interests Di.

The rhythm created by the curves and sharp protruding objects, demanding attention at the base of the ocean of blue.

The surrounding flat expanse of treeless paddocks and flat blue horizons, slowly soften to pale yellow and pink hues.

Night falls with deep passionate blues and the earth cools, surrounded by insects’ sounds by the bonfire under the large expanse, watching as the performance begins, the big night sky erupts with the Milky Way and peace descends.

In capturing the Big Sky Country collection, Di has recognised the severity of the harsh landscape against the pillows of endless blue.

She has endeavoured to show the diversity and beauty that floats across the horizon effortlessly, without interruption.

The paintings are an emotional response to our skies, just like the feeling you get when rain is coming.