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George Dorozenko

I am fascinated by finding the hidden beauty in the things we walk past every day.

George Dorozenko: Ink 'n' Blink

George Dorozenko is set to be the first local artist to exhibit in the new Collie Art Gallery when it opens this year.

George Dorozenko

George Dorozenko is a digital photographer and artist living and working in Collie, Western Australia. Through his photography, George examines everyday objects, machines, landscapes, structures, streets and backyards and transforms them into vibrant works of art using colour saturation, contrast and tonal variations.

George plays with the construction and deconstruction of the natural and manmade environment to reveal narratives with a dramatic, symbolic, or even amusing counterpoint that aims to evoke an emotional response or question identity.

George’s passion for photography began quite by accident in 1977 while teaching at St Edmund’s College in Collie. He was compelled to learn the craft to ensure the school could retain its photography classes as an option for its Year 9 and Year 10 students.

George spent the 1977-78 school holidays receiving tuition from his friend and photography enthusiast, Ron Bridges. George was hooked the moment Ron showed him a photograph coming to life in the developer tray. George’s tuition continued with the late Bob Green, who was an internationally respected nature photographer and fellow Collie teacher.

After leaving teaching, George worked in the industrial environments of Collie at an alumina refinery and power stations. It was in those bleak environments that he became interested in the abstract and surreal beauty of steel, pipe and concrete. Within these structures he found a new world of inspiration that he continues to explore.

George has been encouraged and supported by his wife, Fran Dorozenko, whose own artistic pursuits have inspired him. By taking him to galleries, museums, theatres, ballet and other cultural experiences, Fran helped George understand and appreciate the difficulty of making art that resonates beyond the moment.

George has had his work featured in a digital exhibition in Times Square, New York, as part of an artistic collaboration with the SEE.Me group. He has previously exhibited at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries and has shown work in the Griffin Festival of the Arts and Crafts.

More information

  • George’s work is created using a range of digital and SLR cameras and lenses in order to capture a unique moment in time.

    Using a simple editing program, he experiments with colour, saturation and contrast to reveal the relationships that exist between the objects of his curiosity and what story they may tell.

    George’s subjects are selected based on variables of light, juxtaposition, form, texture, colour and contrast.

  • George has always been interested in creativity and self-expression as a means of underpinning his need to understand the world we inhabit – the why, what, how, when, and where, of things, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    His art reflects these questions and expresses people’s sense of place, their sense of being, and their emotions.

    George’s curiosity leads him to find alternative and wondrous ways of viewing the world.