Modern Folk Paintings of Xiuzhou, China
Official opening

Friday, 18 October 2019

6-8 pm

On show

Until 1 December 2019

Gallery hours

10am – 4pm

Thursday – Monday

Modern Folk Paintings of Xiuzhou, China

Xiuzhou is a district located in Jiaxing, Bunbury’s Friendship City, and is a typical canal town in Southern China. For thousands of years, people living in and around the waterways have created colourful Chinese folks art featured on printed indigo fabrics, painted household stoves , carved cake moulds, clay sculptures, embroidery, paper cutting, architectural ornaments and incorporated these elements into festivals, food, clothing and funeral and wedding ceremonies. Xiuzhou Folk Paintings show the vibrant life of the rural areas south of the Yangtze River with exaggerated structures, bright colours and rich composition. These works exude a strong local flavour of this part of China and provide an insight into the lives and work of the people who live there.