George Dorozenko: Ink ‘n’ Blink
George Dorozenko: Ink ‘n’ Blink
Opening night

12 June 2015

On show

13 June to 12 July 2015

Gallery hours

11am – 5pm

Thursday – Monday

George Dorozenko: Ink 'n' Blink

Digital artist George Dorozenko will be the first local artist to exhibit at the Collie Art Gallery with his brand new exhibition entitled Ink ‘n’ Blink

Using bright vibrant colours and large formats Dorozenko’s works pay homage to the everyday mundane objects and scenes we take for granted and rarely look twice at.

Drawing on the natural and man-made environment, Dorozenko explores its elemental beauty as well as its relationship to us.

He invites the viewer to share in this world observed through the frame of his lens, and to rediscover the pleasure of seeing it in a new light. 

Dorozenko’s works include everyday objects and scenes which he manipulates on a simple software programme to unlock hidden facets discovered through experimentation and play.

Dorozenko believes that in order to create we must discover, and uses his natural curiosity to first see the potential of a thing, and then photograph it. He uses simple manipulative software tools to involve the object in a new narrative that can add to the drama or comedy Dorozenko might see, engaging the viewer in a new storyline.

“I am curious about life and how we relate to it, how we define it, and how we then engage with it,” says Dorozenko. “Photography allows me to integrate my experiences instantly and present them in a pictorial form that can continue to resonate with me long after the moment has gone. I hope the viewer derives as much pleasure from the images as I derived in the process of creating them.”

The works to be shown in Ink ‘n’ Blink reflect the environments Dorozenko has found himself in recently, ranging from the west coast to his backyard.