Portraiture Workshop

Gillian Peebles will be holding a two-day workshop on Portraiture. The workshop is suitable for adults who have some experience working in their media of choice (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Pastels, Inks). Extensive experience in drawing and painting not necessary. The step by step explanation will assist beginners to professionals.

Photographs must be provided by the participant, preferably taken by the participant of someone they know. Angles should include straight in front, looking at the camera – left and right-side views. The Saturday morning will begin with a coverage of the main styles of Portraiture, commencing with ‘The Mask’ which is just the face to a ‘Full length’. The rest of the morning will be dedicated to proportions, positive and negative shapes, including dry media drawing, while standing to the easel, or seated at a table easel. This will be under instruction.

Saturday afternoon will commence with preparing a base drawing on the canvas or paper for Sunday. (This will be on a suitable ground that matches the media of choice, e.g. canvas for oils or acrylics and papers for watercolour or pastels supplied by the participant) Depending on progress the next session is the mixing and textural practice of elements such as skin and hair areas of lights and shadows. Notes supplied will be informative and sufficient information to use following the workshop.

24-25 August 2019

9:30am – 3pm


For more information, visit the Gallery or call 9734 2921.


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  1. Vicky Eisenhuth


    I am interested in taking part in the Portrait workshop on 24-25 August. I have had some experience in landscape but not portrait.

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