The Last of the 20th Century – Australian Art Semester 1 2022

Art of the Late 20th Century
This course serves to investigate major trends that occurred during the last half of the 20th Century. The artists that emerged rose from the traditions established by the Colonials, the Impressionists and the Modernists and we will look at a range of them during the course.
Themes covered will include:
• The Surrealists
• The Abstract Artists
• The Outback as the subject
• The 1970’s – 80’s
When: Wednesday evenings, 6.00pm – 8.30 pm
Starts: February 9th – April 6th; April 27th – June 8th, 2022
Duration: 16 weeks
Costs: $190 (members) $200 (non-members)
What to bring: Sketch book, drawing and designing materials, miscellaneous materials as required throughout course. We will be providing printmaking opportunities with our new press!!
Presenter: Trudi Curran
The materials used will vary and may include painting, printmaking, drawing, textiles and/or ceramics.
Who can join the class? Anyone! No experience necessary. Enrol at the Collie Art Gallery!

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