Volunteer Gallery Guides – Engagement Program for Collie Art Gallery Participants

Why are guided tours valuable?

Visitors sometimes find art exhibitions intimidating.  Gallery buildings can seem imposing, making visitors feel they don’t belong there.

Some visitors feel they don’t know enough about art and lack the confidence to ask.

Guides are the face of your Gallery. Their warm, friendly welcome makes a difference.

The Engagement Program is conducted by the AGWA Voluntary Gallery Guides and aims to:

  • Prepare participants to become confident voluntary tour guides for exhibitions in your Art Gallery;
  • Foster collaboration with the volunteer guides from other WA Galleries;
  • Provide a mentoring and support framework by AGWA Guides for the Guides from other galleries, including a sharing of resources; and
  • Support Guides from affiliate galleries participating in education sessions held for the AGWA Volunteer Gallery Guides

You will learn a great deal as you prepare for touring exhibitions. Most importantly, you’ll find guiding is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We invite you to join this Engagement Program for Volunteer Gallery Guides.This can lead to Collie Art Gallery developing an affiliation with the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) Volunteer Gallery Guides Association. Please contact either the Gallery or Helen Wildy below.

Helen Wildy

Principal Tutor – AGWA VGG


041 042 1331

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