Wellington Dam Mural

$4.4 million to Collie tourism injection as world-renowned artist selected to paint Wellington Dam

According to a media statement issued by the Premier’s office, a portion of the funding will go towards town beautification, wayfinding and tourist amenity, business development and new visitor infrastructure at Wellington Dam.

The announcement comes as the lead artist is named for the Wellington Dam mural, which will be the centrepiece of the $1.5 million Collie Mural Trail. Queenslander Guido van Helten is renowned throughout the world for his photorealistic large-scale murals, which have turned structures into icons in Portugal, Canada, the United States of America, Poland, Italy, Iran and more.

He is also a pioneer of the Australian silo mural trend, having been nominated for the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Sir John Sulman prize for his silo murals in Brim, Victoria.

The Collie Mural Trail will feature a number of smaller murals throughout the Collie township, providing opportunities for South-West and Western Australian artists to contribute to the trail.

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  1. I have just heard of this stupid and ugly idea.

    Wellington Dam is a huge and amazing sculptural form, and the appearance of the form alters with the light and the season. To allow someone to daub paint in it is an utter travesty of “Art”.

    Leave it alone for light and seasons and weather to play on it’s surface.

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