Young artists first to try out gallery

Amongst a buzz of outside constructions, 30 young Collie kids had a very special experience being the first artists to create inside the Gallery. The Larger than Life school holiday workshops ran over  three days.

The mixed-media workshops covered areas such as photography, painting and creative ways of self-expression.

The three-day workshop involved learning the basics of photography and the non-destructive street art technique known as “paste-ups” on the first day.

The following days involved  the design, construction and collage of a large-scale work on the fence at the nearby child care centre.

The workshop was inspired by French artist JR, whose work now adorns monuments, cities and galleries around the world.

“It is such a wonderful first milestone running a sold-out workshop this week. It really goes to show how much community support there is for creative pursuits in Collie.” said Creative Director Joshua Thomason who ran the class.

“The workshop was the first glimpse of how special the gallery will be for many people of all ages, and how much interest there is in its programs.”

The event was supported by the Department of Local Government and Communities as part of National Youth Week.